Diane Berkebile

Height5' 8"
HometownJohnstown, PA

Sep 16Washington, MD
Sep 16Scranton
Sep 16Franklin & Marshall
Sep 17Upsala
Sep 17Franklin & Marshall JV
Sep 27Pitt
Sep 27Clarion
Sep 27Duquesne
Oct 1Duquesne
Oct 1Kent State
Oct 1Grove City
Oct 1Kent State
Oct 7Emory and Henry
Oct 7Radford
Oct 7Charleston, WV
Oct 8Marshall
Oct 8Concord
Oct 12Slippery Rock
Oct 14West Liberty
Oct 14Salem
Oct 14Fairmont State
Oct 19Charleston, WV
Oct 19Shepherd College
Oct 19Concord
Oct 22Ashland
Oct 22Ohio
Oct 22Wooster
Oct 25Duquesne
Oct 25California, PA
Oct 29Shepherd College
Oct 29Catholic University
Nov 2California, PA
Nov 2Indiana, PA
Nov 5Alderson-Broaddus
Nov 5Youngstown State
Nov 10West Liberty
Nov 10Fairmont State
Nov 11Glenville State
Nov 11Salem
Nov 12Marshall
Nov 12Salem
Sep 23Pitt
Sep 30Ohio
Sep 30Dayton
Sep 30Cleveland State
Oct 7Duquesne
Oct 7Geneva
Oct 7James Madison
Oct 7Waynesburg
Oct 7Clarion
Oct 14Indiana, PA
Oct 14Slippery Rock
Oct 18Marshall
Oct 20Clarion
Oct 21Ohio
Oct 24California, PA
Oct 24Indiana, PA
Oct 27Pitt
Oct 27Delaware
Oct 27Duke
Oct 28North Carolina
Oct 28Georgetown
Nov 1Ashland
Nov 1Youngstown State
Nov 3George Washington
Nov 7Marshall
Nov 16Illinois
Nov 16Ohio State
Sep 18Cleveland State
Sep 21Navy
Sep 21Penn State
Sep 21Colgate
Sep 22George Washington
Sep 22Virginia Tech
Sep 29Grove City
Sep 29Slippery Rock
Sep 29Geneva
Sep 29Clarion
Sep 29Grove City
Sep 29James Madison
Oct 5College of New Jersey
Oct 5Yale
Oct 5Salisbury
Oct 6New Haven
Oct 6Western Maryland
Oct 12High Point
Oct 12Virginia Commonwealth
Oct 12Howard
Oct 13Towson
Oct 13High Point
Oct 13Howard
Oct 16Slippery Rock
Oct 16Clarion
Oct 20Miami, OH
Oct 20Cleveland State
Oct 20Ohio
Oct 20Kent State
Oct 27Pitt
Oct 27George Washington
Oct 27Catholic University
Oct 27Rhode Island
Oct 27North Carolina State
Oct 31Marshall
Oct 31Indiana, PA
Oct 31California, PA
Nov 2East Tennessee State
Nov 2Catawba
Nov 2Elon
Nov 3Marshall
Nov 3Charleston, WV
Nov 3Virginia Commonwealth
Nov 10Temple
Nov 10Drexel
Nov 14Duquesne
Sep 19Fairleigh Dickinson
Sep 19Cleveland State
Sep 19Robert Morris
Sep 20Duquesne
Sep 20Georgetown
Sep 24Kent State
Sep 26Waynesburg
Sep 26Charleston, WV
Sep 26Slippery Rock
Sep 27Marshall
Sep 27Princeton
Sep 27Youngstown State
Oct 3Mount St. Joseph
Oct 3Cleveland State
Oct 4Ohio
Oct 4Cleveland State
Oct 4Mount St. Joseph
Oct 7Clarion
Oct 8Slippery Rock
Oct 10Rhode Island
Oct 10Fairleigh Dickinson
Oct 11Fairleigh Dickinson
Oct 11Temple
Oct 11Penn State
Oct 24Maryland
Oct 24South Carolina
Oct 24George Washington
Oct 25East Carolina
Oct 25Duke
Oct 25Massachusetts
Oct 28California, PA
Oct 28Indiana, PA
Oct 31Midway
Oct 31Toledo
Oct 31Wright State
Nov 1Tennessee Tech
Nov 1Marshall
Nov 1Appalachian State
Nov 8Robert Morris
Nov 8Drexel
Nov 8Temple
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