Season Name Award
2006Andy WrightFirst Team all-BIG EAST
2006Andy WrightNSCAA/adidas Second Team All-Northeast Region
2006Andy WrightPreseason all-BIG EAST Team
2005Andy WrightSecond Team all-BIG EAST
1968Pat SullivanFirst Team All-South
1968Pat SullivanThird Team All-America
2006Jarrod SmithM.A.C. Hermann Trophy Semifinalist
2005Jarrod SmithNSCAA/adidas Second Team All-Mid Atlantic Region
2006Jarrod SmithNSCAA/adidas First Team All-Northeast Region
2005Jarrod SmithSecond Team all-BIG EAST
2006Jarrod SmithSoccer America First Team All-America
2006Jarrod SmithFirst Team all-BIG EAST
1983Fernando SantosFirst Team All-South
1994Mark ReillySecond Team All-South
2004Aaron PitchkolanThird Team all-BIG EAST
1999Craig PattonFirst Team all-BIG EAST
1998Chin OrihBIG EAST All-Rookie Team
1973Joe OkhakhuHonorable Mention All-America
1971Joe OkhakhuFirst Team All-South
1974Joe OkhakhuFirst Team All-South
1971Joe OkhakhuHonorable Mention All-America
1974Joe OkhakhuHonorable Mention All-America
1972Joe OkhakhuFirst Team All-South
2005Nick NobleSecond Team all-BIG EAST
2006Nick NobleNSCAA/adidas First Team All-Northeast Region
2006Nick NobleBIG EAST Goalkeeper of the Year
2006Nick NobleFirst Team all-BIG EAST
2006Nick NobleNSCAA/adidas First Team All-America
1968Walter NistorenkoSecond Team All-America
1967Walter NistorenkoFirst Team All-South
1967Walter NistorenkoThird Team All-America
1963Joe MillerFirst Team All-South
2005Devon McTavishNSCAA/adidas Third Team All-Mid Atlantic Region
2005Devon McTavishThird Team all-BIG EAST
1967Ron McEachenFirst Team All-America
1967Ron McEachenFirst Team All-South
2007Gift MaworereAll-BIG EAST Honorable Mention
2008Gift MaworereAll-BIG EAST Honorable Mention
1972Manny MatosHonorable Mention All-America
1973Manny MatosFirst Team All-South
1973Manny MatosHonorable Mention All-America
1971Manny MatosFirst Team All-South
1981Ashy MabroukFirst Team All-South
1981Ashy MabroukHonorable Mention All-America
1980Henry LongFirst Team All-South
1995Andy LeardiniSecond Team all-BIG EAST
1997Andy LeardiniSecond Team all-BIG EAST
1990John KeatingSecond Team All-South
2009Zach JohnsonAll-BIG EAST Preseason Team
2009Zach JohnsonBIG EAST Preseason Goalkeeper of the Year
2008Zach JohnsonBIG EAST Goalkeeper of the Year
2009Zach JohnsonCollege Soccer News Second Team All-American
2008Zach JohnsonFirst Team All-BIG EAST
1967Nick IvahnenkoThird Team All-South
1996Riku HirnFirst Team all-BIG EAST
1963Spike HickmanThird Team All-South
2006Andrew HalsellThird Team all-BIG EAST
1980Nigel GrosvenorFirst Team All-South
1968Len ForslundFirst Team All-South
1999Jared FeolaSecond Team all-BIG EAST
1999Guido CristoforiBIG EAST All-Rookie Team
1973Jack CardosaHonorable Mention All-America
1980Jon CaponFirst Team All-South
1981Jon CaponFirst Team All-America
1981Jon CaponFirst Team All-South
1976Roberto CalzadillaFirst Team All-South
2008Jason BristolNSCAA Scholar All-East Region Honorable Mention
1992Eric BecknerSecond Team All-South
1998Daniel BalegueroSecond Team all-BIG EAST
1972Dennis AlmeidaHonorable Mention All-America
1973Dennis AlmeidaFirst Team All-South
1972Dennis AlmeidaFirst Team All-South